Raavi North Indian Cuisine

Family-run restaurant offering Northern Indian specialties.

Dilip Thapa is a chef with a passion for Indian cuisine. This passion is apparent when he talks about his restaurant Raavi, oozing out in discussions about recipes and Indian culinary techniques. An experienced chef and culinary school graduate from India, Dilip has worked everywhere from Carnival Cruises to restaurants in Dubai. He opened Raavi in 2014, fulfilling a lifelong culinary dream of running his own restaurant.

Everything on Raavi’s menu are Dilip’s recipes, gained from a combination of his life in North India and his international experiences at Carnival and Dubai. There’s no gimmicks at Raavi, just authentic North Indian food served with care and great ingredients. North Indian cuisine is centered on rich stews, often with ghee and cream, along with smoky meats and naan cooked in searing hot tandoori ovens. At Raavi, there’s an attention to detail given to classic North Indian dishes that will be instantly noticeable to aficionados of Indian cuisine. The popular Tikka Masala, available at most Bay Area Indian restaurants, is a step above at Raavi. The white meat in Raavi’s Tikka Masala is smoky, tender and layered with flavor. The secret is simple––the chicken is cooked in the restaurant's signature indoor charcoal tandoori oven. Few restaurants in SF have an indoor charcoal grill, giving Raavi that extra level of authentic North Indian flair.


Family Meal Combo
Combo for Two
2 veggies + 2 meats. Includes 2pc Samosa, 16oz Rice, 2x Plain or garlic naan, 2pc Gulab Jamun
Combo for Four
3 veggies + 3 meats. Includes 4pc Samosa, 32oz Rice, 4x Plain or garlic naan, 4pc Gulab Jamun
Starters & Sides
Samosas 🌱
Two pieces per order. Deep fried pastry shells stuffed with potatoes and peas. Vegetarian.
Chicken Tikka Kebab
Chicken cubes in a spicy yogurt marinade cooked in a charcoal, clay oven.
Chicken Leg Tandoori
Chicken leg in a spicy yogurt marinade cooked in a charcoal, clay oven.
Chicken Breast Tandoori
Chicken breast in a spicy yogurt marinade cooked in a charcoal, clay oven.
Chilly Chicken
A Chinese delicacy with onion and bell pepper
Plain Naan
All-purpose flour bread layered with butter and baked in a clay oven.
Garlic Naan
Garlic stuffed naan topped with cilantro.
Gulab Jamun 🌱
Caramelized milk balls. A popular dessert. Vegetarian.
Chicken Tikka Masala
Tender chicken cooked in our signature tikka masala sauce.
Butter Chicken
Chicken cooked in a butter based creamy sauce.
Chicken Korma
Chicken cooked with rich creamy curry.
Chicken Saag
Chicken cooked with spinach and tomatoes.
Cholay Chicken
Chicken cooked with garbanzo beans.
Achar Chicken
Chicken cooked in rich curry sauce
Vegetable & Paneer Entree
Yellow Daal Tadka (vegan) 🌱
Tempered yellow lentils with cumin and asafoetida
Chana Masala (vegan) 🌱
Garbanzo beans cooked with spices.
Daal Saag (vegan) 🌱
Yellow lentils with spinach.
Mixed Vegetables (vegan) 🌱
Seasonal vegetables cooked with spices
Palak Paneer (vegetarian) 🌱
Spinach and cottage cheese
Paneer Tikka Masala (vegetarian) 🌱
Cottage cheese cooked with our signature tikka masala sauce.
Aloo Gobhi (vegan) 🌱
Cauliflower and potatoes
Lamb Korma
Lamb cooked with exotic creamy sauce
Lamb Vindaloo
Lamb cooked in a classic vindaloo sauce
Lamb Tikka Masala
Lamb cooked in creamy tikka masala sauce
Lamb Saag
Lamb cooked with spinach and spices
Achar Lamb
Lamb simmered in onion and tomatoes gravy
Shrimp Tikka Masala
Shrimp cooked with tikka masala sauce
Shrimp Curry
Shrimp cooked with onion and tomato gravy
Shrimp Saag
Shrimp cooked with spinach and herbs
Prawn Vindaloo
Prawn cooked in spicy vindaloo sauce
Achar Fish
Clay oven roasted fish cooked in pickled onion gravy
Rice & Biryani
Plain Basmati Rice
Mutter Pualaoo
Long grain basmati rice stir fried with peas
Vegetable Biryani (vegetarian) 🌱
Garden fresh vegetables cooked with basmati rice in slow fire and serve hot
Chicken Biryani
Chicken marinated with Indian spices, slow-fire cooked with basmati rice.
Lamb Biryani
Lamb cooked with basmati rice and spices
Prawn Biryani
Marinated prawn cooked with basmati rice with garden fresh coriander
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