Bodega SF

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Traditional, regional Vietnamese flavors from a modern pop-up.

Shaking Beef with Rice
Cubed filet sautéed with onions and crispy potatoes served with salt & pepper lemon dipping sauce.
Bun Rieu
Vermicelli noodle soup in a toasted shrimp, tomato, tamarind broth served with crab egg float and tofu.
Hoi An Chicken Rice
Shredded free-range chicken mixed with pickled red onion and rau ram served over turmeric chicken rice and a side of lemongrass chicken broth
Pho Ga
Rice noodles and poached chicken served in clear Hanoi style chicken broth.
Vegan Pho
Veggie "meatballs" , yuba "beef" , and baby bok choy, served with rice noodles topped with fresh onions and herbs in a vegetable broth.
Dry Hu Tieu
Rice noodles served with shredded chicken, shrimp, ground pork, house-made fish cake, cucumbers, cilantro, and crispy shallots in a garlic soy sauce.
Bodega Beef Pho
Served with brisket, and beef meatballs over rice noodles in beef broth.
Pho Hanoi
Wok seared filet & leeks served over rice noodles in beef broth.
Vietnamese Chicken Salad
Two types of cabbage, poached chicken, red onion, chopped basil & chicken mint finished with crispy shallots tossed in a tangy nước mắm
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