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Home of the most authentic Hong Kong-style Wonton Noodle Soup in the Bay Area

On the crowded, fast-paced streets of Hong Kong, the food options can be dizzying. From fatty roast goose over rice to plump shrimp har gow, all are delicious and enticing. But for many, there's one unrivaled option — chējái mihn (cart noodles). Savory, with endless toppings and variations, this Hong Kong favorite takes center stage at Beyond Café in San Francisco.

While cart noodles might be a Hong Kong favorite, it's virtually unavailable in the Bay Area despite the large Chinese population. For Hong Kong native Greg Poon, showcasing this style of Hong Kong street food is a pursuit of passion. His personality is humble, but his flavors are anything but. The true cart noodle experience is helmed by choice, something right at home in America. From slippery rice noodles to thin egg noodles and toppings like tender braised beef offal and classic curry fish balls, a bowl at Beyond Café is an authentic snapshot of classic Hong Kong street food.


Wonton Noodle Soup Meal Kit
Fresh wontons (5pc, raw) folded in the morning, thin egg noodles, and flounder-based broth.

One of the most authentic rendition of this Hong Kong classic in the Bay Area.

Allergen: shrimp, sesame seed
Braised Beef Tendon & Brisket
A Hong Kong classic. One entree order of braised beef tendon and brisket. 16 fl. oz. container.
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