Acme Bread Company

Berkeley bakery that started a Bay Area bread movement since 1983.

Acme Bread Company was founded by Steven and Suzie Sullivan in 1983 in Berkeley. Steven first worked as a busboy at Chez Panisse in the late '70s and began his obsession with bread. He experimented over and over in his college co-op kitchen and eventually baked bread so good that Alice Waters started using it at Chez Panisse.

Initially, Acme only offered four types of bread, but over the years, they have expanded to over 100 products, relying on customer feedback and inspiration. Since the 1990s, Acme has been incorporating as many organic and locally sourced ingredients as possible, including 100% organic flour since 1999. They also source organic raisins, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds from their flour provider.

Acme Bread has remained a Bay Area favorite for very good reasons. In Sullivan's words, "For us, it's a great way to be in the food world because we don't have to choose between having something be really good and having something be affordable — we can make something really good that is affordable."


Sourdough Breads
Sour Baguette
Sour Batard
Sour Batard Large
Sour Deli Roll
Sour Loaf
Sour Round Small
Levain Batard
New York Rye
Olive Bread
Pain Epi
Pain de Mie
16 oz
Italian Batard
16 oz
Italian Long
16 oz
Sweet Baguette
8 oz
Sweet Batard
16 oz
Whole Wheat Bread
20 oz
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