Four Star Seafood & Provisions

Former chefs turned fishmongers making restaurant-grade seafood available to homes.

Sashimi at Home
Ora King Salmon Fillet Skin On - 6oz Portion (Pack Of 2)
Ora King is to salmon as wagyu is to beef. The naturally high oil content in Ora King Salmon can be seen in the striking marbled fat lines within the bright orange flesh, instantly drawing comparison to Wagyu. Its mouthfeel is buttery and light, ideal for raw preparations.
Halibut Fin Meat (Engawa) Suhi Grade- 4oz
Very Limited amount available each day - cut from large line-caught Alaskan Halibut.
Tuna Steaks, Yellowfin 1 lb - Skinless Sushi Grade
Yellowfin Tuna Steaks: skin off & bloodline out.
Trout Fillet - Mt. Lassen - 6oz (pack of 2) Sushi Grade
Sushi Grade- This trout fillet is sustainably farmed in the fresh water springs near the foothills of Mt. Lassen in Northern California.
Albacore Tuna Steak - Sushi grade 1lb
1 lb Sushi grade
Red Sea Bream (NZ) 1-2lb each Sushi Grade
Ike-Jime Whole Red Sea Bream comes scaled & gutted- Ready to Cook!
Spot Prawns (Fresh) - lb Sushi Grade
Can't promise live, but should be live. Will all be sorted and alive when leaving our warehouse. Local spot prawns are probably the tastiest treat we get from West Coast waters. Steam, saute or fry these incredible treats.
Abalone 4-5oz - Sushi grade
California farmed red abalone. Sushi-Grade. Delicious sliced thin raw or grilled over charcoal - a squeeze of lemon and you have a perfect dish.
Sushi-Grade Albacore/ White Tuna Loin ~1.25 lbs.
Sushi-Grade, frozen fatty albacore tuna loin. Just defrost, alive and serve. Also called white tuna in sushi restaurants.
Pickled Ginger (All Natural)
Ingredients: Ginger, Water, Salt, Sugar, Vinegar
Pickled Young Ginger - 4oz - chunks (in container)
4oz - chunks (in container) Ingredients: Young Ginger, Water, Salt, Sugar, Vinegar Cut into small chunks.
Grated Wasabi - 200g (in container)
200g (in container) Kinjirushi hon wasabi is 100% grated true Japanese wasabi with no added horseradish or mustard.
Yuzu Kosho - Green (2 oz)
A classic table condiment found throughout Japan, Yakami Orchards Yuzu Kosho has become a secret ingredient of America’s finest chefs. Fresh Yuzu Zest is combined with Fresh Chilies, Sea Salt and Konbu Seaweed to create a bright, spicy flavor profile with a subtle Umami finish. Incredible as a rub on meat & poultry, a wonderful condiment with sushi, add a dab to marinades, salad dressings, soups or eggs, or even toss with pasta. A must try for any Japanese cuisine enthusiast. Available in red or green chili.
Yuzu Kosho - Red (2 oz)
A classic table condiment found throughout Japan, Yakami Orchards Yuzu Kosho has become a secret ingredient of America’s finest chefs. Fresh Yuzu Zest is combined with Fresh Chilies, Sea Salt and Konbu Seaweed to create a bright, spicy flavor profile with a subtle Umami finish. Incredible as a rub on meat & poultry, a wonderful condiment with sushi, add a dab to marinades, salad dressings, soups or eggs, or even toss with pasta. A must try for any Japanese cuisine enthusiast. Available in red or green chili.
Oyster Shucking Knife
Miyagi Oysters by the dozen
Miyagi Oysters from Tomales Bay. Tasty cocktail-sized oysters. Live oysters, shucking required.
Standish Shore Oysters - 10pc
10 pc Virginica Oysters from Duxbury, MA. Live oysters, shucking required.
BBQ Oysters (WA) by the dozen
Large oysters from Washington - perfect for cooking on the grill or broiling with garlic chili butter or Cochon Volant Sonoma BBQ Sauce
Maine Lobster - 1 lb
Live Maine Lobster. Roughly 1 lb each.
Maine Lobster - 1.5 lb
Live Maine Lobster. Roughly 1.5 lb each.
Maine Lobster - 1.25 lb
Live Maine Lobster. Roughly 1.25 lb each.
Maine Lobster - 2 lb
Live Maine Lobster. Roughly 2 lb each.
Lobster Tails - Frozen - 2 each
~4-5 oz each.
Fresh Cooked Maine Lobster Meat - 1 LB
[1 LB ]Our Fresh Cooked Maine Lobster Meat is perfect enough to be eaten on it's own, dipped in butter, or used to make the most decadent at home lobster roll. This is a very premium item that we're excited to share with home chefs! Each order includes one generous pound of the most sweet, succulent, plump, and juicy Maine lobster tail, claw, and knuckle meat. All hand shucked in-house by our expert fishmongers. This is the best of the best! A must try for all you lobster lovers out there. Arrives frozen.

All raw/live seafood are packed with extra ice packs and an insulated bag if it's frozen.

Spanish Octopus (Tumbled) 6-8lb
Tumbled by the famed Octopus Garden in Brooklyn, NY. This is the most tender and succulent octopus available.
Scallops, East Coast - per lb
Wild Caught 10/20 Scallops (average 15pc per pound) from a MSC approved fishery. 100% untreated.
PEI Black Mussels - 2 lbs
Mahogany Clams - 2lbs
Beautiful Mahogany colored clams from Massachusetts. Wonderful for clams casino.
Manila Clams - 2 lbs
These wild-harvested clams from Hood Canal, WA are wonderful steamed and eaten out of the shell. These clams are perfect for pastas and for rice dishes like Paella. The meat is more delicate and bright than larger clams such as quahogs, but just as sweet with a nice briny finish.
Local Squid - 2 lbs
Squid just landed at Moss Landing! Available for a day or two only. Please note, this is whole squid.
Frozen Soft Shell Crabs by the Dozen
Abalone Steaks - 4 pack
(5 to 6oz) total Sushi grade - Four fresh tenderized Red Abalone steaks - Ready to cook!
Crabmeat, Dungeness - 1/2 lbs
1/2 lbs Very low sodium picked Dungeness Crabmeat from the Pacific Coast. Cooked & ready to eat!
Cooked Octopus Tentacles (400-470 G)
Spanish cooked Octopus Tentacles from the masters at Don Bocarte. Super tender and flavorful. Just heat up a cast iron pan or grill and get some nice char on it. Cut and serve.
Crab Cutting Tool (Toadfish)

The Toadfish Crab Claw Cutter was designed to cut evenly around crab claws in one step, keeping meat intact and shell fragments out. It allows you to create stunning presentations with lobster, blue, king, and dungeness crab claws. The precision spring-loaded jaws allow for fast and clean shell opening with no mess. Also, for every product sold, we will replant new oyster beds to help clean our coastal waters. Let’s Put ‘Em Back.


Flip open the locking hinge on the crab cutter. Place a crab claw into the open serrated jaws right above the crab claw joint. Slowly close the cutter around the claw until the serrated teeth create a perfect cut. Then slowly pull apart the claw revealing your intact crab claw meat.


Precision serrated cutter
Spring action design
Easy open lock
Ergonomically designed handle
Non-slip rubber grips
Full stainless steel construction
Fresh Fish

All raw/live seafood are packed with extra ice packs and an insulated bag if it's frozen.

Chilean Sea Bass - 2ea 6oz portions
Rich, flaky, sweet white meat from nice large toothfish. Luxury fish from Korea.
Salmon "Shanks" - 2pc
About 9-10oz of perfect salmon "shank", "osso-buco" or carefully butchered tail. This fun cut of salmon is easy to braise, poach, grill or roast. 2 shanks in each order total weight is about 1.2 pound. This is meant for two hungry eaters. No pinbones at all - very easy to eat.
Red Sea Bream Fillets - (2) Fillets
True Striped Bass Fillet - 6oz portion - pack of 2
True striped bass farmed in Baja. Very clean sustainable farming. Delicious meaty white flesh fish.
Halibut Cheeks (AK) - lb
Cut from the head of fresh halibut, halibut cheeks have a texture and flavor that resembles scallops. These sweet, flavorful pieces make a great appetizer or entrée. They are best with a light marinade and pan roasted. We love it served with a simple green salad and fresh herbs.
Skate Fillet (MA) - lb
Winter skate wing - trimmed of skin and cartilage. Ready to cook!
Whole Sea Bream - Dorade ~1 lb
Mediteranean Gilt Head Sea Bream. Farmed in Turkey
Petrale Sole Fillet - per lb
Hand-cut fillets. Clean, simple and easy to cook. Sold in 1 lb.
Rockfish Fillet - 1lb
Pacific Coast Wild Rockfish Fillet - Also called Pacific Snapper. Skinless and boneless.
Local Wild Black Cod (Sablefish) - 6oz portions (pack of 2)
Rich white meat that's nearly impossible to overcook.
Salmon (Atlantic) Fillet - 6oz Portions
4.75 per portion - 2 pack 9.50. Cut into 6oz skin on portions. No bones. 12oz total.
Branzino ~1 lb each
Whole Farmed Branzino from Turkey. 1.5lbs each. Wonderful roasted whole.
Sea Bream - Dorade Fillets - 6oz
Mediterranean Gilt Head Sea Bream. 2 fillets per package. Farmed in Turkey
Branzino Fillets ~7-8oz
2/3 fillets; together weighing ~7-8oz total.
Branzino Pocket Cut - ~1 lb
Whole Farmed Branzino from Turkey: Each Branzino comes in at roughly a lb.
Halibut Fillet (AK) - Skin On - 6oz (pack of 2)
First of the season Alaskan Halibut!
Fish Heads- 2 lbs
Great for making stocks & sauces! Can include salmon, halibut, rockfish, petrale.
Monkfish Fillets - 1lb
Just flown in from Boston - Monkfish is also known as the poor man's lobster.
Little Gem Lettuce (Organic) - 3 ea
Looking like a mini-Romaine, Little Gem Lettuce is a very versatile green. The leaves are strong enough to serve as wrap for Larb or other lettuce wrap. It can be a 'bun' for a Keto or low-carb burger or sandwich, and even holds up to grilling for a grilled vegetable platter. The inner leaves are perfect for a crudité platter because they are sturdy enough to pick up a dip (even a thick dip like guacamole or hummus), and the ridges and nooks are perfect to hold a vinaigrette for an elegant salad.
Limes (Organic) - lb
Green Broccolini - 1 Bunch
Our newest farmer's market find! Rare, exquisite, and locally-grown Purple Broccolini. Very limited! Broccolini makes a versatile side dish that both kids and adults will enjoy. It's flavor is understated, mild, peppery, and subtly sweet. The entire plant is edible and can be eaten raw or cooked. Amazing roasted or sautéed with your seasoning of choice. Each order contains one bunch (roughly .5 lbs on average).
Purple Sweet Potatoes (Organic) - 1 lb
Beautiful, vibrant, and rich purple-colored flesh (combined with a very manageable size) make this one of our favorite sweet potatoes! Denser in texture than garnet yams, these sweet as can be potatoes are perfect peeled and mashed, cut into wedges and roasted, or simply roasted whole. We love to glaze these sweet potatoes with a miso butter using Stepladder Creamery's slow cultured, locally handmade butter! Our chefs also recommend making purple sweet potato mash wish a dash of garlic, sea salt, and cracked pepper. Regardless of how you prepare, these purple potatoes make a stunning and tasty presentation at the table! They're super seasonal and perfect for fall. They make the best side dish for nearly any sea creature main course.
Green Globe Artichoke - 2 ea
A special batch of local winter Green Globe Artichokes from Spade & Plow! We love simply softening these up by boiling in water, and then dipping the leaves in a garlic butter mix. Once all the leaves are peeled, go ahead and grill the hearts inside for an extra special treat! Two artichokes per order.
Spaghetti Squash (Organic) - 1 ea
Spaghetti squash is a nutritious winter vegetable that is packed with fiber, beta-carotene, folate and more. It offers a really fun, spaghetti-like texture and built-in bowl shape. Each Squash weights roughly 1.5 lbs total.
Brussel Sprouts (Organic) - 2 lb
Cousins of cabbage, Brussels sprouts are actually a subspecies of Brassica oleracea - the same species of plant as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collard greens and kohlrabi (in the same way all dogs are subspecies of Canis familiaris). Brussels sprouts were selected for their small, tight and sweet buds, whereas broccoli was selected for its flowery buds and cauliflower for its color and tight flower. They are very versatile and can be eaten raw in a shredded slaw, roasted to accentuate the sweetness or sautéed with bacon and chestnuts. The leaves can be removed individually and tossed into a salad or deep fried for an interesting take on a chip. For those who do not like the cabbage-y smell of Brussels sprouts, a quick blanching in boiling salted water can mellow and sweeten the buds, but be careful because overcooking actually accentuates the strong flavor and can leave them with a dull, unappealing color. Chefs learning to properly cook them may be why they are being rightfully accepted as a delicious, healthy vegetable after many years of overcooking.
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