Uji Time

Asian fusion style, handcrafted, authentic ice cream.

Ice Cream
🆕New flavor🍌Choco-nana 🥛(Korean Banana Milk) - 2 pack
Miso Caramel ice cream - 2 pack
Black Sesame ice cream - 2 Pack
16oz each. Smooth, nutty, creamy flavor made with freshly roasted sesame seeds
Hojicha ice cream - 2 pack
16oz each. Roasted cold-brewed green tea lovers, topped with a drizzle of black sugar for a smooth flavor. Low in caffeine, rich in flavors and texture.
Yuzu Passion Fruit - 2 Pack
160z each. The Perfect refreshing ice cream. With yuzu imported from Japan, the sweet-tart ratio of yuzu and passion fruit makes the perfect combination.
Vietnamese Coffee ice cream - 2 pack
16oz each. Uses the dripping method to extract pure Vietnamese Coffee beans, with outstanding milky aroma and mellow coffee. Added a little condensed milk to the ice cream to restore the original taste. Smooth, bitter and sweet, the first choice for coffee lovers.
Hong Kong Milk Tea ice cream - 2 pack
16oz each. 3-4 flavors of black tea steeped to acquire the perfect taste, higher in caffeine content, not recommended to consume at night.
Thai tea ice cream - 2 Pack
16oz each. Cold brew. Authentic taste from Thai ice tea leaves.
Malted Milk ice cream - 2 pack
16oz each. Creamy milk flavor with a hint of salt, mixed with mini chocolate chips. Classic, with great texture and taste.
Ramune ice cream - 2 pack
160z each. Inspired by the Japanese bubblegum soda, this flavor offers a taste of sparkling, sweet citrus.
Pick your own - 2 pack
Mix and Match your very own flavors.
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