Urban Remedy

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Organic, Locally Sourced, Plant-based Food and Drinks

Salads & Wraps
Macro Bowl
This gluten-free quinoa bowl is a hearty, appetite-curbing lunch vibrant in color and texture, and packed with protein
Mediterranean Bowl
A hearty grain bowl with quinoa, kale, and Mediterranean flavors from olives, cucumbers & fresh herbs with raisins and tahini vinaigrette.
Rainbow Salad
A colorful, veggie forward salad that’s loaded with nutrients to give you energy throughout the day.
Roasted Beet Salad
Tender roasted beets, pink pickled onions, and watermelon radish on seasonal greens with creamy vegan dressing
Spring Chopped Salad
A crunchy salad made with fresh colorful veggies, roasted hemp seeds, olives & creamy vegan cheese dressing
Soba Noodles
A gluten-free, buckwheat soba noodle bowl topped with sesame almond sauce that’s fiber-rich and promotes healthy digestion
The Vegan Caesar
A healthy plant-based Caesar salad made with seed cheese that’s rich in protein and fiber
UpBeet Vegan Cheeseburger Wrap
A gluten and dairy free cheeseburger you can feel good about. An umami plant based patty with all the fixins.
Snacks & Desserts
Chia Parfait
A dairy-free, chia seed breakfast packed with protein and Omega-3s to kickstart your morning
Grasshopper Pie
Creamy cacao paired with fresh mint and flax seed crust. A rich plant-based treat free of gluten, grain and dairy
A smooth, dairy-free, espresso-rich dessert made with superfood raw cacao.
Raw Cacao Mousse
A decadent, rich & creamy dairy-free mousse made with superfood raw cacao.
Carrot Curry Crackers
This crispy, gluten-free snack is made with a hint of curry and is just as tasty solo as it is with a dip for pairing
Veggie Crackers
Crispy, gluten-free veggie crackers that are rich in veggies and nutrients
Banana Brittle
An addictive, gluten-free treat made from organic bananas and a sweet, nutrient rich blend of crunch
Superfood Chocolate Chip -4ct Cookie
Crispy chocolate chip cookie that is gluten, dairy and grain-free. Made with nutrient rich nuts and seeds. A perfect blend of sweet and salty
Booster Shot - 2oz
Give yourself a boost with powerful ingredients like fresh turmeric, orange, carrot, lemon, astragalus, and oil of oregano
Superfuit C Shot -2oz
Organic superfood acerola cherry juice blend and probiotics for immune support
Turmeric-Relieve -2oz
A certified organic, sweet and spicy pineapple juice shot with a dose of superfood turmeric and cayenne to kickstart circulation and the immune system
Cold Brew Energy 16oz
Coffee plus adaptogens Lion’s Mane and Reishi. A healthy brew for brain and body
Matcha Mint - 16oz
Cashew Milk Latte with matcha rich theanine for a balanced calm. Packed with antioxidants & naturally caffeinated for the perfect pick me up
After Party - 12oz
Remedy your morning after with our hydrating, certified organic beet ginger blend.
Cold Crusher- 12oz
A certified organic orange carrot juice loaded with turmeric to give you an extra boost.
Deep Cleaning - 12oz
A certified organic, burdock root and dandelion green juice blend to detoxify and hydrate your body for the deep clean it deserves.
Glow -12oz
A certified organic, superfood green juice rich with vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids from E3 live for that healthy glow you’ve been after
Happy Belly with Probiotics - 12oz
A certified organic, natural digestif packed with probiotics and fennel to remedy your stomach woes
Pomegranate Ginger with Probiotics - 12oz
Refreshing organic pomegranate juice that naturally supports immune & digestive health.
Slender Greens -12oz
A certified organic, alkaline juice packed with greens to feed your body extra hydration
Watermelon Ginger with Probiotics -12oz
Sweet and cooling watermelon juice with fresh ginger and probiotics to support the digestive and immune system.
Chlorophyll Refresh- 12oz
A low-glycemic lemonade with a hint of chlorophyll to cleanse your body and your mind so you can be your peak self
Turmeric Boost - 12oz
A high-energy, low-glycemic lemonade with a boost of turmeric.
Meal Replacements - 16oz
Chocolate Banana -16oz
A crave-worthy blend of banana, raw cacao, and plant protein for a meal replacement that’s both good and good-for-you.
Green Berry -16oz
A powerful mix of superfood berries like goji and greens packed with phytonutrients that satisfies both taste and hunger.
Java Shake -16oz
Your morning coffee fix and plant based protein in a bottle. The perfect on-the-go dairy-free breakfast or pick-me-up snack.
Mind Body Omega -16oz
A functional shake crafted for women’s health. A creamy strawberry coconut blend with cold pressed flax oil.
Mint Cacao Chip -16oz
A decadent, dairy-free blend of mint and raw cacao for a superfood smoothie that boosts your energy and satisfies your hunger
A nutrient packed berry smoothie loaded with chia seeds for added protein and energy.
Nut Milks & Tea Tonics
Blue Magic 160z
A creamy, dairy-free nut milk made with soaked cashews and the powerful superfood E3 live.
Golden Turmeric 16oz
Golden turmeric combines with creamy cashew milk and coconut for a nourishing dairy-free nut milk.
Grapefruit Turmeric -12oz
A thirst-quenching blend of citrus with turmeric tea and aloe
Peach Ginger Probiotic -12oz
A thirst-quenching brew of ginger tea with fresh peach juice and probiotics
Strawberry Hibiscus Rose -12oz
A thirst-quenching brew of hibiscus and rose teas with fresh strawberry juice for a refreshing cooler
Plant Protein Powder with Cocoa
17g organic plant protein powder; a blend of hemp, pea protein, goji and coconut MCTs
Vanilla Skin Food with Plant-Based Collagen Building Protein Peptides
Vanilla Skin Food offers a plant-based solution to animal collagen products tailored to boost your body’s inherent collagen production
Glowing Coco Greens with Hyaluronic Acid
Hydrating greens blend designed to boost collagen and alkalize the body
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