Tarts de Feybesse

High-Technique French Pastries With Bay Area Flair

Chefs Paul and Monique Feybesse have done time at various world class restaurants in France, Copenhagen, New York, and California. With years of experience in fine dining kitchens under their belts, they bring the same consideration for detail and balance to the contemporary pastries at Tarts de Feybesse.

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Gateau Basque
GATEAU BASQUE - a pastry crust that’s a cross between an almond cookie and a cake. It’s filled with almond cream.

6-8 portions

*Picture may change depending on if cherries are in season
Seasonal Menu
Cardamom Butternut Squash
Coconut and roasted butternut squash soup hinted with a touch of cardamom. Silky smooth.
Palmiers (2 pc)
A palmier translated from French simply means 'palm tree', pig's ear or elephant ear. It's a French pastry, shaped into a palm leaf or butterfly. EASILY addicting, they are puff pastry baked and rolled in sugar for a slight sweet and tender bite.
Croque Monsieur
Serves 1-2 - Local ham, local melty cheese, and our bechamel sauce married and heated together with our own pain de mie.
Strawberry Financiers

Large Financiers, French almond cakes filled with compote
Serving size: 6 pieces

Ingredients: eggs, gluten free flour, almond flour, sugar, dairy, salt

Allergens: tree nuts (almonds)

Shelf life: 3 days in the fridge

Mixed Box of Eclairs
New flavors passionfruit, salted caramel, and chocolare
Chocolate Eclairs 2pc
Chocolate eclairs. The ultimate classic and at the highest standard from Tarts de Feybesse
Croque Mademoiselle
You’ve heard of croque monsieur and Croque Madame. Enchantée Croque Mlle who is vegetarian but still so yummy. Tender leeks, local melty cheese from Point Reyes Farmstead, and our bechamel sauce.

Reheat at home in your oven.
Vanilla Bean Basque Cheesecake

We had to put this on. Non traditional cheesecake where the inside is creamy and rich and the top is slightly brûlée giving an intense taste. We kept it simple and luxurious with vanilla beans. Guess what! It’s also gluten free.

Size: 4-6 servings

Ingredients: Dairy, eggs, cornstarch, sugar, eggs, salt, vanilla

Allergens: milk, eggs

Shelf life: 4-5 days in fridge

Brioche Feuilletée
Laminated brioche with a ton of butter and a touch of glazed syrup Size: 5-6 servings
Pain aux Raisins
Pastry rolled and laminated with pastry cream and rum soaked raisins
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