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Buttercream Cakes with Modern Design.

Amanda Nguyen’s family asked her to take care of the cake. It was her nephew’s celebration and she wanted something clean instead of old-fashioned, flavor-driven instead of overly sweet. To her surprise, she couldn’t find it — so she decided to make it herself. That simple project turned into an obsession. Once friends started asking to pay for her cakes, she realized she had something. Amanda started Butter& and dove into the food industry, but the more she learned about traditional kitchens, the more disturbed she was: workers often received low pay, contractor status, and verbal abuse. That’s when she knew ethical employment had to be at the center of Butter&. The team is paid above market, has top-notch health care, receives professional development, and has ownership in the company.

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Stainless Steel Server
Polished stainless steel gives this pastry server a classic look, while the serrated edge allows for cutting cake with ease.
Place Setting
Modern partyware to dress up any celebration. One place setting includes one plate, one fork, and one napkin - all 100% compostable.
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