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Reimagined Filipino & Latin-inspired Desserts.

Melody Anne Lorenzo, better known as the “Pinay Pie Lady,” serves as an ambassador of Filipino desserts in the Bay Area. A Filipina immigrant and self-taught baker, her culinary journey started when she took a baking class with Meg Ray of Miette in 2008. What started as a passion project, baking treats for family, friends, and coworkers turned into an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Still working as a state employee, she launched Sweet Condesa Pastries on the side in 2017. First catering weddings, then popping up at Undiscovered SF in October 2019, she debuted her signature Filipino-flavored pies, including ube, calamansi, and pandan. She left her job to pursue Sweet Condesa full time right before the pandemic in February 2020. At the San Ramon Farmer’s Market, she reintroduced #BayAreaFilipinoPies and launched her scones and vegan banana bread.

Melody's desserts are influenced by growing up in the Philippines, featuring nostalgic treats like turon, halo-halo, bibingka, and brazo de Mercedes, and folding in adjacent Latin ingredients, such as dulce de leche, guava, avocado, and more fresh flavors.

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Barako Coffee Panna Cotta
Cooked cream infused with fresh Barako coffee beans.

1-2 servings
Mini Pandan Celebration Cake
Pandan cake, confetti sprinkles, scratch-made pandan curd, coconut swiss buttercream, edible flowers.

5-inch / up to 2 servings
*Bake at Home* Guava Cheese Scones
Buttermilk scones, guava paste, cream cheese

*Frozen and packaged in vacuum sealed bag.*

Half Dozen - 5 oz each
Bibingka Cornbread
Sweet and salty perfection!

Moist and fluffy bibingka + cornbread topped with cream cheese, salted egg, melted butter, then sprinkled with turbinado sugar.

Serves 6-8
Ube Pie Cookies (Half Dozen)
Our signature brown butter cookie dough with chunks of Ube pie. YUM!
Tsokolate Banana Crunch Muffins (4-pack)
Banana, 70% Auro dark chocolate topped with butter crumble and cacao nibs.
Mini Assorted Pie Trio
Get our popular pie sampler/trio and let us know which one is your favorite. All baked in our buttery and golden graham cracker crust.

Calamansi - aka "Philippine lime" and our take on the classic Key Lime Pie.
Ube - purple yam, inspired by a Filipino staple - ube halaya.
Turon - a popular street food that we reimagined into a pie.
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