Maison Nico

A modern épicerie and café serving pâté en croûte, brioche feuilletée and much more.

Maison Nico is Michelin-starred Chef Nicolas Delaroque’s 2020 pandemic pivot to a modern épicerie. Chef Nico made the transition from creating a nightly tasting menu to creating beautiful pâtés en croûte (pâté baked in a pastry crust), pâté terrines, brioche feuilletée, and many other French pastry treats. His pâté en croûte has been heralded by the New York Times as "worthy of a celebration", and his menu items change with each season based on availability at local farmers markets. Chef sources his proteins from local, responsible farmers and butchers. As they approach their one year anniversary, they're grateful to have found a modern audience for these delicious and artistic French culinary traditions.

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Paris-Brest (2-pack)
2 Pistachio Paris-Brest.

Pistachio cream, pistachio praline, sandwiched between two layers of choux, and covered with a pistachio crumble.

Common allergens: gluten, dairy, nuts

Approx. 4" in diameter and 2" tall. Two Paris-Brest per order.

Best enjoyed within 1-2 days.
Assorted Pastry Box (6 items)
Assorted pastry box includes: 1 seasonal tartelette, 2 seasonal choux, 1 slice Parisian flan, 2 canelé

common allergens: gluten, dairy, nuts, egg
Duck Pithivier
A Maison Nico classic.

The Duck Pithivier (pee-tee-vee-yay) includes duck breast, duck liver, pork and duck farce (sausage), garlic, Grand Marnier, Port, Swiss chard, herbs.

Whole pithivier serves 2-3 people.

You may order it pre-cooked (reheat at home w/ instructions) or uncooked (cook at home w/ instructions). Sauce is included on the side.

common allergens: dairy, gluten

Shelf life: The pithivier should be cooked and enjoyed within 2-3 days.
Croissant au Beurre - Box of 4
4 croissant au beurre.

Flaky, buttery, layered croissant.

Common allergens: gluten, dairy, egg


Shelf life: Best enjoyed the day received.
Quiche Traditionelle
Bacon, egg, comté cheese, onion, potato, all baked in a flaky buttery crust (for 1-2, approx 5" diameter).


Size: 5" diameter

Ingredients: bacon, egg, comté cheese, onion, potato, pastry crust

Allergens: wheat, milk, eggs

Shelf life: Best eaten with in two days. Refrigerate until ready to enjoy.
Pain au Chocolat - Box of 4
4 pain au chocolat:

Chocolaty, buttery, flaky croissant.

Common allergens: gluten, dairy, egg


Shelf life: Best enjoyed the day of receipt.
Quiche de Saison
Quiche filled with goat or sheep cheese and a rotating selection of market vegetables, all baked in a flaky puff pastry crust.

Common allergens: gluten, dairy, egg

Size: 5" diameter, for 1-2, approx.
Whole Parisian Flan (8 slices)
Flaky layered crust fillied with rich, creamy, vanilla custard. C'est super bon! *best served at room temp - remove from refrigerator about 1 hour prior to serving.


Size: 8 slices

Ingredients: Tahitian vanilla bean, egg, butter, cream, milk, sugar, corn starch, puff pastry

Allergens: milk, eggs, wheat

Shelf life: 2 days from receipt.
Viennoiserie Box - 4 types of croissant
Sample a variety of our viennoiserie: croisssant nature, pain au chocolat, seasonal fruit & almond croissant (twice baked).
Lamb Merguez Friand (box of 4)
Flaky puff pastry wrapped around lamb merguez and topped with sesame and poppy seeds.

Merguez sausage is approx. 2" in diameter and the entire Friand is approximately 3" around and 5" long.

4 per box

common allergens: gluten, dairy
Blueberry and Lemon Thyme Choux (box of 4)
Four choux filled with blueberries and lemon thyme crémeux.

4 choux per box

Common allergens: gluten, dairy
Pâté en Croûte Printanier
Pork, lamb, ramps, white wine, confit onions, pistachio, Pastis, parsley, dill, fennel pollen, long pepper, salt, sugar, egg

common allergens: gluten, dairy, egg

.4 lb slice
Pâté en Croûte de Lapin à la Moutard et à l'Estragon
Rabbit, pork, rabbit liver, shallot, white wine, rabbit jus, seeded mustard, tarragon, egg, salt, sugar, Lyonnaise mix, marjoram

common allergens: gluten, dairy, egg

.4 lb wedge
Pâté de Campagne (.5 lb. jar)
Country pâté, pork belly, duck liver, parsley, garlic

Pairs well with housemade seasonal pickles or cornichons.

(Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Nut-free)

Ingredients: Pork, duck liver, parsley, garlic, salt, sugar, Sarawak black pepper, Port, Grand Marnier

Shelf life: Three weeks refrigerated, unopened. Once open, enjoy within 7 days.
Pâté en Croûte de Fermier aux Morilles et Vin Jaune
Pork, smoked pork belly, chicken, Guinea hen, morel mushrooms, confit onion, spices, chives, vin jaune, marjoram, nutmeg, long pepper, white wine, salt, sugar

*common allergens: gluten, dairy, egg *Photos coming soon

.4 lb slice
Pork Rillette (.5 lb. jar)
Pork, garlic, espelette pepper

Pairs well with housemade seasonal pickles or cornichons.

Size: 0.5 lbs

Ingredients: confit pork, onion, thyme, bay leaf, garlic, salt, long pepper

Shelf life: Three weeks refrigerated, unopened. Once open, enjoy within a week.
Mousse de Foie de Volailles (.4 lb. jar)
Chicken liver, duck liver, porcini, salt, sugar, long pepper, cardamom, mace, shallot, cream, egg yolk, Port.

.4 lbs
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