Seasonal veggies delivered with your weekly treats.

Organic Girl Romaine Heart Leaves - 7oz
Organic Heirloom Medley Cherry Tomatoes - 16oz
Jayleaf Organic Salad Mix - 5oz -
Wholesum Poppies, Organic Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine - 12oz
Organic California Baby Spinach Package - 5oz
Savoy Cabbage (Organic) - EA

Locally grown! Savoy cabbage is considered the most versatile of all cabbages and can be used as a substitute for both western hard-heading types and Chinese loose-heading varieties. It is best suited for both raw and cooked applications such as roasting, braising, steaming, boiling, baking, and stir-frying.

Preparation Recommendations:

The frilly texture and mild, sweet flavor of Savoy cabbage can supplement slaws and salads when raw, and soups, stews, and curries when cooked.
It can also be sliced thinly and mixed into pasta, stuffed with meats such as duck, sausage, or bacon and baked.
Try utilizing it as a wrap substitute for tacos or spring rolls.
In addition to cooked applications, Savoy cabbage is popularly pickled and preserved for extended use as a condiment.
Scalion Bunch (Organic) - EA

Shallots (Organic) - Lb

A french cross between garlic & onion with a delicate, sweet flavor and a hint of sharpness
Shiso Leaf - 3 Bunches

A member of the mint family, Shiso leaf is used throughout Asian cuisine. It has an herbaceous and refreshing quality that lends itself well to using in place of mint in cocktails, as a garnish, in lettuce wraps, or in sauces. Try making a Green Goddess dressing with shiso leaf for your next salad! 3 bunches is roughly 1 oz. total.
White Onions (Organic) - Lb

A unique farm with roots going back 100 years to Italy. The Peri and Sons farm specializes in growing onions – and only onions. Nevada Whites, Yellow, Red, Sweet, Pearl, Cippolini, you name it, they grow it – and they do it Organically and with no GMOs.
Yellow Onions (Organic) - 1 Lb

Onions are one of the most used vegetables in the world. The yellow onion is much lighter in color and the skin is less opaque. Their extra sugar makes them great for caramelizing. The larger size and sweeter flavor make them perfect for making onion rings.

Peri & Sons Farms are third generation family farmers that pride themselves on earth-friendly farming and thoughtful land stewardship practices.
Yukon Gold Potatoes - 2 Lb

Light yellow skin, pale yellow flesh, a firm, moist texture, and mild flavor. Especially good for boiling and baking, Yukon Gold potatoes are the “baking potato of choice.” These potatoes may either be peeled before cooking or left with the skins on for enhanced vitamins, fiber, and protein.
Baby Gold Beets - 2 BU

Baby Mixed Carrot Bunch - 2 EA

Carrots, like many root vegetables, benefit from colder weather. Converting some of their starch stores into sugar, carrots become sweeter in the winter! These are tasting so great, we love them roasted and glazed with some really great honey.
Banana Fingerling Potatoes (Organic) - Lb

These Banana Fingerling potatoes are delicious roasted! Try making roasted smashed potatoes with them! Simply par-boil them for 5-7 minutes, and then "smash" them using a spatula or clean sheet pan, drizzle with olive oil and garlic and roast in a hot oven for the crispiest, crunchiest potatoes ever.

We source our Banana Fingerlings directly from Zuckerman's farmer's market stands throughout the Bay Area, so you're getting the freshest product possible, and supporting local all without having to leave the comfort of your couch!
Brussels Sprouts (Organic) - 2 Lb

Cousins of cabbage, Brussels sprouts are actually a subspecies of Brassica oleracea - the same species of plant as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collard greens and kohlrabi (in the same way all dogs are subspecies of Canis familiaris). Brussels sprouts were selected for their small, tight and sweet buds, whereas broccoli was selected for its flowery buds and cauliflower for its color and tight flower.

They are very versatile and can be eaten raw in a shredded slaw, roasted to accentuate the sweetness or sautéed with bacon and chestnuts. The leaves can be removed individually and tossed into a salad or deep fried for an interesting take on a chip. For those who do not like the cabbage-y smell of Brussels sprouts, a quick blanching in boiling salted water can mellow and sweeten the buds, but be careful because overcooking actually accentuates the strong flavor and can leave them with a dull, unappealing color. Chefs learning to properly cook them may be why they are being rightfully accepted as a delicious, healthy vegetable after many years of overcooking.
Celery (Organic) - EA

Celery is used as a basic aromatic vegetable in many cuisines. Mirepoix (French) and Soffritto (Italian) are a mix of carrots, onions and celery and are added at the beginning of many soups, braises and stews. The "Holy Trinity" of Cajun and Creole cooking is a similar combination of onions, celery and bell peppers. But don't overlook celery as the main ingredient. It is delicious simply braised in stock and served as a side dish to a roast, stuffed with cheese or peanut butter as a cold appetizer, or diced with apples and walnuts in a Waldorf Salad. Of course it is also a great addition to a platter of raw vegetables and is the classic garnish for a Bloody Mary (which can be made with our fresh Horseradish!)
Chives (Organic) - EA

Great for omelettes, topping on a baked potato, or make an herb salad with chives and arugula!
Cliantro Bunch (Organic) - 1 EA

A divisive ingredient that is the subject of many conversation/ tastes of either lemons or soap depending on who you ask
Escarole - 1 EA

Less bitter than other chicories when eaten raw, Escarole become even sweeter when cooked. We love the way chicory salads contrast with the rich and hearty meat and poultry dishes that grace our tables in the winter. Try a mixed salad with escarole, treviso, and radicchio with an bright and citrusy dressing, anchovies, and parmesan.
Fennel - EA

There's so many reason to love fennel. With it's crisp texture and anise flavor, fennel is delicious shaved raw over a salad of winter citrus and avocado, roasted or caramelized and served alongside a rich roast, or used as an aromatic stuffing for one of our many whole fish!
Garlic (Organic) - 1/2 Lb

Green Broccolini - 1 Bunch

Broccolini makes a versatile side dish that both kids and adults will enjoy. It's flavor is understated, mild, peppery, and subtly sweet. The entire plant is edible and can be eaten raw or cooked. Amazing roasted or sautéed with your seasoning of choice.

Each order contains one bunch (roughly .5 lbs on average).
Green Garlic - 1/2 Lb

A quintessential Spring ingredient that should be on everyone’s mind as the seasons change. Milder than in its more mature state, both the bulb and the pale green portion of the stalks are edible. Perfect incorporated into a salsa verde, folded into a risotto with morels, and in place of regular garlic in almost any recipe.
Kohlrabi (Organic) - EA

Shred it raw and make a salad or slaw with it. Cook it and mash it. The greens can be sautéed as well as steamed.

This Kohlrabi is from Star Route Farms which is presently certified by Marin Organic Certified Agriculture (MOCA). After 41 years, they know that organic farming is the best way to build soils, conserve water, maintain habitat, and nurture productive farmland for our grandchildren. Today they farm 40 acres in Bolinas and 80 acres in Thermal, Ca.
Little Gem Lettuce (Organic) - 3 EA

Looking like a mini-Romaine, Little Gem Lettuce is a very versatile green. The leaves are strong enough to serve as wrap for Larb or other lettuce wrap. It can be a 'bun' for a Keto or low-carb burger or sandwich, and even holds up to grilling for a grilled vegetable platter. The inner leaves are perfect for a crudité platter because they are sturdy enough to pick up a dip (even a thick dip like guacamole or hummus), and the ridges and nooks are perfect to hold a vinaigrette for an elegant salad.
Lacinato Kale (Organic) - 1 Bunch

As the “queen of greens,” kale is an excellent ingredient for any side dish! Lacinato kale is the sweetest kale variety with delicate, nutty notes. When cooked, it becomes robust with an earthy flavor.
Molokai Sweet Potato - 1 Lb

Hawaiian purple sweet potato with a mildly sweet flavor and a dry, starchy texture. Molokai sweet potatoes have seep purple skin and flesh. They are a signature variety on the islands, but rarely seen/grown elsewhere. Molokai are much higher is antioxidants compared with the traditional orange fleshed variety and are less sweet and have less water content than the traditional orange sweet potatoes. These unique sweet potatoes are great steamed, roasted, or cooked whole. Since they are a dryer consistency, we like to cook them whole and then use them throughout the week slicing them into stir-frys, egg scrambles, or eating plain as a snack!
Orange Carrot Bunch (Organic) - EA

Orange Cauliflower - 2 Lb

Bright, visually stunning Orange Cauliflower from Star Route Farms has arrived! Even after roasting, the cauliflower retains its beautiful orange color. Use this in place of traditional cauliflower and blow your guests away with its brilliance.
Orange Sweet Potatoes - Lb

A tasty red-skinned sweet potato with deep orange, moist flesh.
Organic Romaine Head - EA

Ideal for salads (Caesar, anyone?) and can stand up well to heat when cooked.
Purple Spring Onions (Organic) - Lb

Just in from Star Route Farms! Purple Spring Onions are a sight to behold. Their flavor is brighter, characteristically sulfurous, yet pleasingly mild. In their raw state, spring onions are mellow and moist, perfect for stacking on a burger or tossing into a hearty salad. Cooking them brings out their natural sweetness!
Red Beets - 1 Bunch

Roast this versatile root vegetable and pair it with spices such as mint, fennel or curry. It balances well with something acidic such as tangy yogurt, green apple, goat cheese or cider vinegar.
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