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Technique-driven popup bakery focused on global flavors

For most people, pastry-making and software engineering are polar opposites. Yet, for former engineer turned baker Richard Lee, there’s a commonality. “There’s a lot of optimization in baking ­— scientific theory,” Richard said. “I apply a lot of science to the way I test recipes.”

This distinct baking philosophy has allowed the Toronto transplant to create a unique pastry style at his pop-up, Kaya Bakery. Equal parts rigorous recipe testing to free-wheeling culinary experimentation, Richard has seamlessly structured science with an entrepreneurial yet artistic mindset, resulting in beautifully rustic handcrafted creations like the Raspberry Lychee Rose Croissant, a melding of French and Chinese flavors. Entirely self-taught, Richard runs Kaya Bakery with his fiancé, Stephanie, and together the two hope not only to create delicious pastries but also a community. “We love when people love our food,” Richard said. “And we really want to build a community around this fusing of cultures."


Pastry Sets
Triple Creme Basque Cheesecake
6". Satisfies 4 - 6 sweet cravings

Inspired by our travels to Spain, we've taken the classic Basque Cheesecake to a whole new level by blending three premium cheeses. The cake is the perfect combination of rich, cheesy goodness with fudgy creaminess. Perfect for an indulgent, slightly guilty weeknight treat. The top is beautifully caramelized (not burnt). The inside is barely set and melts in your mouth. It's delicious on its own or paired with tart Yuzu jam. If you really want to set the mood, you can sip a glass of white wine and snack on some charcuterie alongside it. 🧀🍷
Omakase Pastry Set
6 Pastries. Satisfies 4 - 6 sweet cravings

1x Raspberry Lychee Rose Croissant
1x Black Sesame & Red Miso Caramel Croissant
1x Spam Musubi Croissant
1x Vietnamese Coffee Blackout Brownie
1x Slice of Basque Cheesecake

Raspberry Lychee Rose Croissant
Kaya's signature pastry starting with our signature butter croissant filled with subtle lychee cream, tart and floral raspberry and rose jam, and topped with dried rose petals.

Spam Musubi Croissant
We start by intensely searing the Spam to build a deep brown crust like a steak. Glaze it with a tangy and sweet Okonomiyaki sauce. Rolling it up into the croissant like a Pain au Chocolat. Dusting the top with furikake, a mix of sesame seeds, seaweed, and seasonings.

Black Sesame & Red Miso Caramel Croissant
Bursting with nutty and roasted flavors balanced by the butteriness of the croissant and the savory red miso caramel drizzled on top. It's filled with a cream infused with premium black sesame from the Japanese Pantry in SF. Sprinkled with nutty roasted soy powder and topped with a Biscoff biscuit.

Vietnamese Coffee Blackout Brownie
A black cocoa brownie filled with intense whipped coffee cremeux made with California cream, sweet condensed milk

Basque Cheesecake
During our time in Japan, we discovered countless varieties and learned about the nuances of Matcha and Japanese green teas. Inspired by these experiences, we sourced matcha directly from the world famous city, Uji, to create this delectable cookie. A hefty scone-cookie hybrid matcha crumb swirled with cranberries and chocolate chips. Lightly glazed and topped with a cube of Irish butter that melts as its heated.
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