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Hand Crafted Essentials that 'happen' to be Plant-Based

Susie Breuer worked in the fashion industry for more than three decades, developing apparel for local and global brands in the US and Europe, including Pepe Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, and Stitchfix. But in 2018, she switched to making food, a more compostable product with less global waste. She dug into cooking classes on bread, pasta, and plant-based foods, and enrolled in the professional culinary course at San Francisco Cooking School.

Susie’s been lactose intolerant for about 20 years, which made creamy and cheesy pasta a challenge — she either avoided it or accepted feeling rubbish the next day. And she’s been meat free for the past few years, after traveling through Nepal, Japan, and Australia, and discovering a wealth of restaurants that put plants at the center of the plate. The lightbulb moment was realizing she could design pasta that she both loved to shape and eat, while showcasing plants and never missing eggs, dairy, or meat.

Plant Dazzler’s fresh pasta and sauces are completely plant based, appealing to vegetarians and vegans. The pasta is all hand shaped, focusing on distinctive shapes you don’t usually see in stores, and playing with colorful pops of pink and cool stripes. Susie originally grew up in Northern England, and the expression “Bobby Dazzler” refers to someone or something excellent — like her restrained but stylish pasta.

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