Saltwater Bakeshop

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High-quality pastries, artisan bread, and inclusive culture by Brittany Dunn.

Brittany Dunn opened Saltwater Bakeshop in 2018 with over 14 years of experience in the bakery industry. Inspired as a child, Brittany created her first recipe at 6-years-old and forged a path to marry her passion for baking with her career.

After leaving her previous position as the Pastry Chef at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in San Francisco, famously known for their Cruffin, Brittany set out to create a company that offers customers the highest quality pastries and bread while creating an inclusive, collaborative culture for her employees.

As a graduate of the San Diego Art Institute, Brittany specializes in French viennoiserie and artisan bread and developed her menu to spotlight the intersection of classic pastry with local, California farmer’s market ingredients. Brittany is excited to share her love and local interpretation of pastry and bread with you!

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Almond Croissant
An almond cream filled croissant topped with house made almond cream and slivered almonds
Chocolate Croissant
Multiple bars of Valrhona chocolate enclosed in flaky buttery croissant dough
Chocolate Pistachio Croissant
Our chocolate croissant filled and topped with a house-made pistachio cream and roasted pistachios
Cinnamon Twist
Cinnamon brown sugar layered into croissant dough and twisted together. Baked to perfection and covered in a cinnamon sugar
Classic Croissant
Layers of butter and croissant dough rolled together and baked to a golden brown
Ham & Cheese Croissant
Flaky buttery croissant dough filled with house-made mustard, Fra'Mani rosemary ham, and gruyere cheese topped with a blend of sesame and poppy seeds
Organic classic French style baguette
Country Sourdough
Organic mix of wheat flour, malted barley, and bread flour combined with a natural sour dough starter for a slight tang
Orange Blossom Cardamom Bun
Croissant dough filled with an orange blossom cardamom paste twisted together and baked into a beautiful bun. Topped with a vanilla bean icing
Valhrona Chocolate Chunk Cookie
Our signature sweet is made with brown butter for a rich flavor, packed full of Valrhona chocolate pieces, and topped with Maldon salt for balance
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