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Indonesian street food, specializing in bakso, a meatball noodle soup that is traditionally sold from a pushcart.

After graduating from culinary school in Pontianak, Indonesia, Yohanes moved to the US to pursue his culinary dreams, starting with his passion for Japanese food and then finding his way back to his roots by trying to recreate the bakso of his childhood. Christna (born and raised in Jakarta) is the human heart behind D’Grobak’s social media and customer care, having spent much of her career in hospitality and service. They hope their food satisfies the nostalgia of those who miss the motherland and introduces the joy of Indonesian street food to those who have yet to experience it.

In less than a year, D’Grobak (pronounced “The GrowBuck”) went from selling out of a home kitchen to becoming a fully licensed operation with a commercial kitchen in Richmond. Yohanes Ng and Christna Lim found themselves serving up hundreds of bowls of their favorite Indonesian street food—bakso, a cloudy meatball noodle soup that is traditionally sold from a d’grobak (pushcart). When two of the longest running Indonesian restaurants in the Bay Area closed their doors, they were determined to keep Indonesian cuisine and culture flourishing in the bay.


Signature Bakso
D’Grobak Signature Bakso
4 pcs signature homemade bakso , 1 quail egg Bakso , Bakso tofu, bone marrow beef broth, vegetables , and mixed noodles (egg noodles and rice vermicelli noodles)

Condiments include: homemade sambal, lime wedge, sweet soy sauce, green onion, and fried shallots.
Bakso Iga Bakar
Bakso Iga Bakar
Sweet and spicy grilled braised beef rib serve with 5 pcs signature homemade bakso, bone marrow beef broth, vegetables , and mixed (egg & rice noodles) noodles.

Condiment on the side: homemade Sambal, lime wedge, sweet soya sauce ,green onion , and fried shallot
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