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A modern take on Filipino classics.

Lunch Specials
48 hr. beef shank confit, roasted bone marrow, 72 hr. beef bone broth, carrot ribbons, cabbage, beef fat rice
Carne Norte
Our house made corned beef brisket, chopped and sautéed with onion, garlic, tomatoes and potatoes. Served with steamed white rice, fried egg, and shaved white onions.
Chicken Adobo
Slow-simmered chicken thighs in a garlic-soy and coconut vinegar sauce. Served with a marinated soft boiled egg, pickled papaya and carrot salad, and steamed broccoli. Includes a side of steamed rice.
Pork Sisig
Twice-cooked pork jowl and belly with calamansi, garlic, and onions. Served with a 65°c sous-vide egg, pickled red onions, shaved jalapenos. Includes a side of steamed rice.
Smoked Bangus
Crispy-skinned smoked milkfish, 65°c sous-vide egg, charred eggplant and tomato salad, topped with black lump-fish caviar and pea sprout garnish. Served over steamed rice.
Crawstation Special
Hawaiian Shrimp Truck Combo
Sauteed black tiger shrimps in a garlic butter sauce served over steamed rice. Includes a side of macaroni salad and mixed green salad with sesame-soy dressing.
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Monday, 1/8
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