Sunday Bake Shop

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Asian American bakery that creates fun and unique pastries.

Cocoa White Rabbit Cookie
Valrhona Dulcey, Ivory Chocolate Feves, and White Rabbit Candy in a cocoa cookie.
Ube Snickerdoodle
Soft baked cookie with ube and shreds of coconut with a sugar coating.
Furikake Chex Mix
A throwback to the classic chex mix but amped up with soy, seaweed, and a little spice. This makes for the perfect savory and sweet snack with a small kick.
Pandan Caramel Corn
Twist on the traditional Cracker Jack that many of us grew up eating. A green, sweet and salty caramel corn with hints of coconut and exotic notes of pandan.
Nibby Brownie
Our brownie is back! Rich and decadent as ever topped with crunchy pearl sugar and toasted cocoa nibs.
Strawberry Jasmine Crispy
A simply satisfying treat, jasmine tea powder blended with freeze dried strawberries and finishe with some strawberry pocky sticks. This blends my american guilty pleasure of rice crispy treats and my favorite chilehood snack of strawberry pocky sticks which keep popping up on our menu.
Chocolate Oolong cake
6 inch Rich chocolate cake brushed with oolong tea syrup, then filled with white chocolate roasted oolong infused creme “namelaka”, and then covered in lightly sweetened freshly whipped cream.
6 inch Passion fruit chiffon cake with fresh orange zest, filled with a guava strawberry curd, then topped with fresh cream and spring flowers.
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