Love Khao Swe

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Family-run Burmese kitchen sharing their family recipes!

Amazing things happen when you have a sibling dream team powered by their mother’s love. Case in point: Love Khao Swe. Mary, Kevin, Robin, and Kay Wong grew up watching their mother Tin Tin Aye work a full time job while catering and cooking lunch specials from home as a side hustle. It had always been a dream of hers to open her own restaurant. But as an immigrant from Burma raising four children in the US, it was a dream she had to keep on the back burner.

When the pandemic hit, Mary decided to pivot from her own full time job to channel her mother’s love and passion for cooking into making that dream come true by cooking as a family and sharing their love of food with the world. Love Khao Swe brings us authentic, home-cooked Burmese dishes unique to their family's style. Many of their specialty dishes are not found in any Burmese restaurants so we are all in for a treat!

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Monday, 1/8
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